Examples of Programming

Inner city students explore the connection to the earth beneath their feet as they discover the properties of soil composition and stewardship.

Students discover the importance of farms as our source of food and clothing by learning how plants and animals are processed into food and materials we use every day.

Complimentary cooking classes, demonstrating healthy food preparation and preserving from the Tallgrass gardens.

Collaboration with public land management agencies to teach long term stewardship of forests and trees.

Partnerships with local schools to encourage trash recycling and mitigate roadside litter.
Nourishment of our community by supporting programs that enrich and enable those who are less fortunate.

Sponsorship of student competitions and exhibitions that explore the connection between land, natural resources and the environment.

Learning opportunities on creating with stone, a natural resource abundantly available on Tallgrass Farm.

Looking for birds and wild animals? Mammals like to be secretive, but their presence is usually indicated by their tracks and signs. If you are lucky, on Tallgrass Farm you can see deer, wild turkey, raccoons, rabbits, red squirrels and coyotes. Because no pesticides are used, the birdlife and wildlife is abundant, including quail, bats and rare specimen owls. The farm provides excellent food crops and habitats for birds.

About 40 percent of Tallgrass Farm is wooded and many native species wildflowers thrive in the shaded meadows.

Demonstration that all living things are connected through examples of the Food Chain Game(who eats who).

Study of water features. Tallgrass Farm has creeks, ponds, wells and springs. We all depend on water and care must be taken to avoid contamination. The banks and margins of these water ways are also important for wildlifeand are kept well planted to protect them from erosion.

Discusssions about crop rotation, weed and pest control through well managed grazing programs for cattle and goats.

Building a stone wall.

What We Do

Tallgrass Farm Foundation
is a 501c3 non-profit agricultural and environmental education resource model practicing rural land use that is environmentally and culturally sustainable. By reclaiming, preserving and adapting its rural Kentucky landscape, along with what is believed to be the state’s oldest bank-style barn, Tallgrass Farm Foundation offers facilities and resources for teaching and demonstrating cooking, conservation and good stewardship of natural and agricultural resources.

Tallgrass Farm is preserved in perpetuity through an agricultural conservation easement.

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